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Flange Manufacturers in India

Fortune Ferroment Inc provides total flanges solutions by manufacturing of Nickel Alloy / Stainless Steel weld neck and slip on flanges. The forte of the Stainless Steel Alloy in manufacturing products for critical applications by meeting the severe requirements which are then verified in the in-house Laboratory accredited to ISO 17025. The products are delivered in niche market such as Oil & Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical, Dairy, Chemical & Fertilizer, Thermal, Solar & Nuclear Power, etc. This makes the company an ideal choice for major EPC Contractors, project owners & process licensors across the globe.

We manufacture flanges in various types such as slip on flanges, weld neck flanges, long weld neck flanges, socket weld flanges, blind flanges, high hub flanges, threaded flanges, lap joint flanges, rtj flanges, orifice flanges.

Types Of Flanges:-

Slip On Flange

As made obvious by their name, these pipe flanges slip over the pipe. They’re mass-produced with an inside width that is slightly bigger than the pipe’s outside width. These attachments are connected to the pipe at the top and bottom of the flange. Fortune Ferroment Inc provides slip-on flanges for your project that are durable, reliable and reasonable.

Weld Neck Flange

Fortune Ferroment Inc deals in weld neck flanges that are durable, reliable and endure stress for high-pressure applications. Weld Neck Flanges come with a tapering hub for additional strengthening and are used for severe service circumstances including very high temperatures, extremely low temperatures, or high pressure.

Long Weld Neck Flange

Fortune Ferroment Inc supplies Long weld neck flanges, these are built in a variety of lengths. The flange is oblique so it can be butt-welded to pipes adding extra strength. Pipes provide better movements with this type of connection forging. A Long Weld Neck Flange is perfect for a lighter connection. Many industries find this flange finest use in the areas that require minimum reinforcement.

Socket Weld Flange

Fortune Feromment Inc supplies all kinds of flanges including socket welded flanges. Socket Weld Flanges are alike to slip-on flanges, however, socket welds have an interior recess on the inner side allowing for a flatter flow of the processed fluid. It also creates a flat bore with the proper welding and grinding. These pipe flanges are attached by inserting the pipe into the socket end and applying fillet weld around the top.

Blind Flange

Similar to a regular flange, a blind flange has increasing holes around the perimeter and the gasket closing rings are machined into the mating surface. Rather than having an inaugural for fluids to pass through. Most blind pipe flanges have a raised face, flat face, or RTJ facing. When using a elevated face, the standard height is 1/16″ for blind flanges below 400#. With blind pipe flanges of 400# and up, the normal blind pipe flange raised face height is 1/4″.

Threaded Flange

Threaded Flanges are also recognized as loose joints which are used with an inter-relatable stub. The end additions to the inside of the flange. This type of flange is usually preferred because once the pipe is welded to the insert of the tube end, the projection can easily be rotated for alignment of the bolting roles. Both slip on and threaded flanges have the ability of holding pressure at the stub ends.

Flange Specifications