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Bar & Plate Manufacturers in India

Fortune Ferroment Inc provides total Bar & Plate solutions by manufacturing of Nickel Alloy / Stainless Steel Bar & Plates in various types. The forte of the Stainless Steel Alloy in manufacturing products for critical applications by meeting the severe requirements which are then verified in the in-house Laboratory accredited to ISO 17025. The products are delivered in niche market such as Oil & Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical, Dairy, Chemical & Fertilizer, Thermal, Solar & Nuclear Power, etc. This makes the company an ideal choice for major EPC Contractors, project owners & process licensors across the globe. We manufacture steel bar and plates in various kinds and specifications, we are your total one stop of all piping solutions.

Types Of Bar & Plates :-

Round Bar

Round Bar is a long, barrel-shaped metal bar stock that can be cast-off in numerous industrial and profitable projects. The most common tender is shafts. The average diameter of round bar has a wide variety from 1/4″ to 24″. It is also accessible in many different metal types. You can find rounded bar in Hot-Rolled Steel, Cold-Rolled Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and more. General steel round bar can be hot- or cold-rolled. These types of round bar are used for supports, shafts, wheel axles, and other building agendas.

Flat Bar

Flat bars are a flat, rectangular unit with square edges fluctuating in sizes. This cost-effective steel creation is made to be used in a wide variability of projects. They are normally produced for construction, manufacturing, mining, grating, fabrication, and many other industries. The flat bar’s adaptability is the primary reason it is used through various industries, along with the excellent strength and formability combination of steel.


Sheet metal can be cut to size or shaped into many dissimilar types of mechanisms. Sheet is used in a wide variability of applications, from constructing components to creation of casings for machinery.


Plate is flat metal with a breadth greater than 6mm. Obtainable in a variety of alloys, plate used for many engineering and general construction claims where strength and durability are paramount.


With a 90° angle that adds inflexibility and strength to any project, this is one of the most widespread shapes of plate used in creation, repair, and manufacturing projects.


A channel has two upright extensions with a straight back and is shaped like a squared-off “C.” It has enhanced rigidity compared to flat steel and has a wide diversity of uses, many of which are structural.

Bar Specifications

Plate Specifications