Alloy 825

Alloy 825 (UNS N08825) is an austenitic nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions of molybdenum, copper and titanium. It was developed to provide exceptional corrosion resistance in both oxidizing and reducing environments. The alloy is resistant to chloride stress-corrosion cracking and pitting. The addition of titanium stabilizes Alloy 825 against sensitization in the as-welded condition making the alloy resistant to intergranular attack after exposure to temperatures in a range that would sensitize unstabilized stainless steels. The fabrication of Alloy 825 is typical of nickel-base alloys, with material being readily formable and weldable by a variety of techniques


Available Tube Product form

  • Straight
  • Coiled
  • Seamless
  • Seam welded and cold redrawn
  • Seam welded, cold redrawn and annealed

Technical Data

Mechanical Properties

Temper Annealed
Tensile Rm 85 ksi (min)
Tensile Rm 590 MPa (min)
R.p. 0.2% Yield 35 ksi (min)
R.p. 0.2% Yield 240 MPa (min)
Elongation (2” or 4D gl) 30 % (min)

Physical Properties (Room Temperature)

Specific Heat (0-100°C) 440°K-1
Thermal Conductivity 11.1 W.m -1.°K-1
Thermal Expansion 14 μm/μm/°C
Modulus Elasticity 196 GPa
Electrical Resistivity 1.13 μohm/cm
Density 8.13 g/cm3

Chemical Composition (% by weight)

Element Min Max
C 0.05
Si 0.5
Mn 1
P 0.03
S 0.03
Al 0.2
Cr 19.5 23.5
Cu 1.5 3
Fe Balance
Mo 2.5 3.5
N 0.15 0.25
Ni 38 46
Ti 0.60 1.20




Alloy 825 Avaliability