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Tubing & Tube Fittings Manufacturers in India

Fortune Ferroment Inc provides total Tubing and Tube Fitting solutions by manufacturing of Nickel Alloy / Stainless Steel Seamless and Welded Tubes. The forte of the Stainless Steel Alloy in manufacturing products for critical applications by meeting the severe requirements which are then verified in the in-house Laboratory accredited to ISO 17025. The products are delivered in niche market such as Oil & Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical, Dairy, Chemical & Fertilizer, Thermal, Solar & Nuclear Power, etc. This makes the company an ideal choice for major EPC Contractors, project owners & process licensors across the globe. We manufacture steel tubes in various shapes and size such as square,round, rectangular, triangular, and elliptical or any special shapes. 

Steel pipes are long, hollow tubes that are used mostly to convey products from one position to another. They are shaped mainly by two distinct manufacturing methods which outcome in either a welded pipe or seamless pipe.

Types Of Tubing and Tube Fittings :-

Welded Tubing 

Welded Tubing is made from strip, roll-formed and fusion-welded along a longitudinal seam. It can be a cost-effective explanation for applications with lower working pressures. Fortune Ferroment Inc manufacturers welded tubing that is reliable, durable yet reasonable. Advances in welding and metal purification technologies have risen in popularity, declaring it the future of tubing.

Seamless Tubing

We manufacture seamless tube produce that withstands high-stress situations and applications. Stainless steel seamless tubing products can be found in motorized vehicles due to their dependability and resistance to corrosion. Seamless tubing products are also common for industrial applications due to its toughness. Seamless tube starts out as solid, cylindrical bars of metal called billets. While the billet is hot, it’s stabbed through the center with a mandrel. Each tube is made for the customer’s specific application. We offer a wide variety of grades and specifications.

Tube Fittings

Fortune Ferroment Inc knows that you need a dependable, leak-tight act connection, so they are dedicated to the existence of your partner for your project by providing numerous tubes and tube fittings for diminishing. From setup to high strength fittings created to hold high pressure and high-purity fittings for particle generation. Tube Fittings are intended for easy installation and disassembly. They withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure, and resist tremor fatigue with a leak-tight, gas-tight seal.

Tubing and Tube Fittings Specifications