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Welded Tubing

Fortune Ferroment Inc provides total Welded and drawn is the preferred tubing choice in terms of economy, lead time and tolerancing compared to seamless in most instances. Many demanding applications call for the T.I.G. welded and plug (mandrel) drawn method

The flagship lines of stainless steel and alloy tubing for hypodermic needles provided by Fortune Ferroment Inc is manufacturing using the T.I.G. (Tungsten Inert Gas) welded and plug (floating or mandrel) drawn process with full hard temper (typically 150 KPSI minimum)

The significant amount of cold work put into the material from the drawing process results in the best finishes and hardest tempers (tensile strength) achievable. Burr removal is easiest in the full hard temper condition as chips break off versus “gummy bending” at lower tensile strengths.

welded stainless steel tubing

The welding is done in an inert gas atmosphere which results in superior cleanliness and no surface oxidation. Drawing oils are easily removed with conventional surfactants or can be flushed before final sizing of the tubing for hypodermic needles.

Over the decades, experience has readily demonstrated that a more forgiving weld zone (no filler metals) produces an optimum fabrication grade material.

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