Alloy K500

Introduction :

Alloy K500, commonly referred to as “K-Monel”, is a precipitation-hardenable, nickel-copper alloy with similar corrosion resistance to that of Alloy 400 but with greater strength.

Typical industrial applications for Alloy K500 include fasteners, springs, and chains for marine service, pump and valve components for chemical processing facilities as well as blades and scrapers used in pulp and paper production. Oil and gas production utilize

Alloy K500 for drill collars, instruments, pump shafts, impellers, and valves as well as for sensors and electronic components.

Chemical Composition of Alloy K500

Element  Content
Ni 63.0 – 70.0
Mn 1.5 Max.
Cu Remainder
Fe 2.0 Max.
Al 2.30 – 3.15
S 0.01 Max.
Ti 0.35 – 0.85
Si 0.50 Max.
C 0.25 Max.

Physical Properties of Alloy K500

Properties Metrics
 Density@ Room Temp.  0.305 lb/in.3
 Melting Point  2400°F to 2460°F
 Specific Heat1 @  70ºF 0.097 Btu/lb•°F
 Linear Expansion from  70ºF to 200ºF 7.6 µin./in.•°F
 Linear Expansion from  70ºF to 400ºF 8.1 µin./in.•°F
 Linear Expansion from  70ºF to 600ºF 8.3 µin./in.•°F
 Thermal Conductivity1 @  70ºF 10.0 Btu/ft•h•°F
 Magnetic Permeability2 @  70ºF 1.0018 @ 200 oersted
 Curie Temp.2 for Permeability of  1.01 -153°F

Alloy K500 Avaliability

Alloy K500 Specifications

Alloy K500 Tensile Requirements