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long welded neck flanges


Long Neck Welding flanges (LWN) are similar to a standard Welding Neck flange, but the “Neck” is considerably longer. These Long Weld Neck Flange is often used as a nozzle for a barrel or column. In addition, there are the type LWN Heavy Barrel (HB) and the Equal LWN Barrel (E); they have a different shape and a thicker “Wall”.

It helps in high pressure and the need for a hub that is long and tapered are what weld neck flanges are most often used for. Specifying the schedule of pipe that it will be utilized for is of utmost importance when ordering. This type of flange is excellent for use in environments involving extreme temperature fluctuations and excessive handling and bending.

Uses of Long Weld Neck Flanges :-

It is required when an extended neck is required. It acts as a boring extension. It is used in chemical and petroleum industries and used in residential and commercial buildings. It performs well where there is level of stress and temperature fluctuate. Long weld neck flanges are built in a variety of lengths, size and dimensions according to the need of the customers.

Adaptable :-

Long weld neck flanges are truly one of a kind due to their trouble-free connectivity with other pipes.The length of the flange can be adjusted if an offset attachment is needed on the heads or vessel shells. These flanges can also be manufactured with contoured bottoms.

Flange Specifications