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Buttweld Tee:-

Fortune Ferroment Inc is a leading ISO 9001:2000 certified Company, has an exhaustive quality control and assessment procedure which takes care that only products that are defect-free and imitates to the set guidelines by respected global agencies. We are a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Equal Tees, which are also known as ‘straight tees’. These tees have a width that is similar to the diameter of the main pipe, hence the name ‘equal tee’. We provide SS Butt weld Equal Tees that are connected without much hassle and require less upkeep as well.

There are various types of tee joints to suit your application’s needs. A plain tee joint needs no training other than the cleaning of the end of the upright plate and the surface of the straight plate. The single beveled joint is used on heavy plates and can be fused on both sides. The double slanting joint is often used for heavy plates and may also be fused on both sizes. However, the single J joint is used in the case of joining plates 1 inch thick or heavier. The welding is also only done from one side. Lastly, the double J joint is used to weld extremely heavy plates from both sides.

There are seven welding styles that can be used to generate a tee joint. These are a slot weld, plug weld, fillet weld, bevel-groove weld, flare-bevel-groove weld, J-groove weld, and a melt-through weld. The most appropriate method may be used to best suite your application’s needs.

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